Spirit in the Sky are classic aircraft and vintage aircraft specialists dedicated to all aspects of classic aircraft ownership and use.  Its focus is on the acquisition, sale and operation of historically significant aircraft on behalf of valued clients.

Its prime aim is to make owning and operating vintage and classic aircraft accessible at all levels. Its experienced team able to assist buyers in sourcing specific aircraft types as well as dealing with importation, finance, insurance, engineering, training, storage and of course sale. Spirit in the Sky’s experience will save you time and money as well as taking away the administrative burden.

In the coming months Spirit in the Sky will also be revealing plans for a series of historic races and rallies that will give clients renewed purpose in owning vintage and classic aircraft types. Alongside races and rallies there will be a number of self fly adventures where pilots can really indulge their passion in beautiful settings all over the world.

Spirit in the Sky seek to capture the beauty, romance and adventure that our aviation forefathers experienced back in the early days of flight. Whatever your motivation in historical aviation, our dedicated team are on hand to help and advise.

Images by kind permission of Damien Dyer, Air Frame Photography


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