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About Spirit in the Sky

Spirit in the Sky came to being after the founders took their own classic aircraft to a display at the Goodwood Revival and realised there was a very close community of vintage aircraft owners keen to give purpose to their ownership. These aircraft owners were clearly overjoyed at being invited to display their aircraft and were not shy of fully engaging with the public in sharing their passion from a flying, engineering and ownership perspective. However the key to enjoyment rests in flying these beautiful machines Рbringing a sense of reality to those childhood dreams.

It was clear that most owners or collectors of vintage and historical aircraft types lead very busy professional and personal lives and tend to squeeze aviation into whatever time remains. At Spirit in the Sky we spotted an opportunity to ease the burden of vintage and classic aircraft ownership by helping owners to acquire, operate and if required sell their aircraft assets. We are able, utilising economies of scale, to deliver cost saving across storage, insurance, finance, engineering, restoration, shipping and import.

Paramount to our vision is the desire to bring together our clients and share experience, knowledge and of course social time to heighten their enjoyment of classic aviation. To this end we will, throughout the course of the year, be organising historical air races and rallies to re-create some of the infamous events of the past. We take a long term view and believe in an honest, transparent approach backed up with the credibility of over 20 yrs spent in aviation. Diligence, detail and delivery are core principals that are key to our business.