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Spitfire Air Display

2015 Air Display Bookings

Now that Spring is well on the way, we have seen a large increase in bookings for private air displays all over Europe throughout the summer. Most in demand is of course the Spitfire PRXI along with the P51 Mustang and the stunning MKIIB Hawker Hurricane. Ensuring that people get to see these beautiful aircraft in their natural habitat is key to our principles here at Spirit in the Sky and to know that there is strong demand is also very encouraging. These aircraft take many thousands of man hours to remain airworthy, thus displaying for private and public displays helps to offset the huge costs involved in maintaining them in flying condition.

“Hiring an aircraft to undertake an air display, private or public, is a really easy undertaking. Simply tell us the date, time and preferred aircraft type and we will do the rest.” commented Steven Moth, Director Spirit in the Sky. “Most private displays are booked as a surprise for a wedding, birthday or anniversary and certainly add a real wow moment to any celebration. We are able to provide aircraft from the WW1, WW2 and more modern types for out and out aerobatic displays. In addition we can provide wing walking displays and even arrange classic aircraft passenger flights if preferred.”

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