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Stearman Restoration Project nearing completion

Stearman restoration nearing the finish line

Q1 of 2015 has been a busy quarter for Spirit in the Sky as we entered the final phase of restoration work on Stearman #4961. With a buyer now identified for this aircraft a last minute change of livery was implemented changing the dark blue fuselage and yellow wings to Brooklands green fuselage and silver wings. Some further modification have been added to the aircraft including Redline brakes, and a Trig TT21 transponder. All metalwork has now been painted as has the fuselage. Wings should be completed this week, and next week we expect to have the centre section fitted and wings fitted. This project will have taken 2 years from identification in Wisconsin USA to completion here on the ground at Enstone. Hopefully by the end of May 2015 we can post images of this beautiful aircraft on test flight. Watch this space. As soon as this Stearman restoration project is complete we will be starting another. Interested parties should contact


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