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Stinson Gullwing flight test

In the August issue of Pilot magazine readers will see the Stinson Gullwing flight test undertaken by aviation old timer Pete Turner and assisted by Peter March. We flew the ex Curtis LeMay Stinson across to Gloucester for Pete Turner to put the aircraft through its paces. She drew quite a crowd on arrival at Gloucester. Most of the spotters over there are used to biz jets, helicopters and training aircraft, so it was good to give them something different to photograph.

After a quick briefing we were airborne in the Cessna 172 camera ship and the Stinson. We formated overhead Tewkesbury in order to obtain some air to air images and headed East over the Cotswolds for Pete to familiarise himself with the characteristics of the aircraft. 40 minutes later we were back on the ground safe and sound with somewhere around 100 hi resolution images and enough experience to pull together the test.

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