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Aircraft Sales

Spirit in the Sky have a dedicated aircraft sales team with the ability to maximise the global exposure associated with each classic aircraft we present. We only list aircraft that have been researched and deemed to be correct in every aspect of our description. We aim to allow the viewer as detailed a run down as we can muster in two dimensions, so that when time is taken to view the physical aircraft there are no surprises. We remain focussed solely on classic aircraft sales and vintage aircraft sales.


At any one time Spirit in the Sky have a number of historical aircraft in restoration and we will list these aircraft for sale prior to completion so that our purchasers have the option to create a bespoke aircraft from a paint and cabin fit perspective. We also like buyers of our restoration projects to see the quality of work prior to covering.


As well as presenting our own classic aircraft types for sale, Spirit in the Sky also work for our clients to acquire and sell their aircraft. Some are collectors who are always on the lookout for an aeroplane with historical significance, others are just dipping a toe into the world of historical aviation. It does not matter if you are buying an affordable classic or a priceless warbird, we are always on hand to help navigate the market and ensure you get the aircraft you deserve with no nasty surprises. Our engineering team will help with inspections if needed and our researchers will ensure aircraft history is complete and correct.


If you wish to talk to us about buying, selling or the classic aviation market in general then get in contact.

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