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Waco for sale

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  • Sold Waco Cabin for sale

    Waco for sale – 1935 Waco UKC-S Cabin

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    Type: Classic Tourer 

    Price: £OFFERS

    VAT: Not applicable

    A/H: 4040 TTAF

    E/H: 860 hrs SMOH and 55 hrs STOH

    Hangared ?: Of course


  • Sold Waco UEC for sale

    Waco Cabin for sale

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    Type: Grand Tourer

    Price: £55k part restored “as is” or £120,000 complete

    VAT: + VAT if applicable

    A/H: 896 hours TTSN

    E/H: 200hrs SMOH by Sanders

    P/H: O hrs

    Hangared ?: Of course

    Restoration Completion: April 2016

    Available “as is” or with contract to complete.