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Aircraft for film and TV

Our close links to the film and TV industry have enabled growth in the amount of aviation work we undertake for the various studios and production companies. Previous tasks have included advertising, documentary and feature film projects with varying level of involvement. We are able to provide aircraft and helicopter hire for films and oversee operations on set at a basic level, or we can work with directors, stunt co-ordinators and DOP’s to design scenes that are sure to wow on the big screen. Our input will help to retain historical accuracy adding a sense of realism to your production. From WWI fighters through to WWII warbirds and Cold War jet types we can source the aircraft, the pilots and all associated expertise to prepare an aircraft for the screen.

We are also able to provide a wide range of aircraft for photographic shoots. We will consult with our client to ensure that the aircraft we use help to communicate any brand message to be put across in the shoot.

For more information on our film work, aircraft and aviation film and TV props please contact

Recent Projects that feature our aircraft and props:

Criminal – Airbus A400M, Multiple C130’s, Beech King Air 350, Agusta 109, Cessna Citation Bravo business jet.

Dunkirk – 3 Spitfire’s, ME109, 2 AS355 helis, 1 AS350 heli, Piper Aerostar (camera), Bristol Blenheim.