Arrival of the Shotover K1 aerial filming system

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Arrival of the Shotover K1 aerial filming system

Spirit in the Sky are pleased to announce a huge leap forward in its ability to undertake all aspects of aerial filming for TV, Film and live broadcast requirements. With the arrival of the phenomenal Shotover K1 aerial camera system and 3 x 8k camera Array, Spirit in the Sky now have all the tools in house to complete a wide cross section of aerial filming tasks. Having control of this equipment has been a major focus for the company as the Film and TV business is fluid and ultimate flexibility is required by producers, Unit Production Managers and Directors. In the past small time delays have led to incredibly large cost premiums incurred via 3rd party suppliers as well as time conflict with other projects.

Aerial Filming Shotover K1

“It has taken some time to get all the pieces in place, though we are now in a position to offer productions a one stop shop for all manner of aerial filming tasks. We have the Shotover K1 aerial camera system as well as the GSS, the Helicopters (twins and singles on AOC), the aircraft, experienced screen pilots, a long list of certifications to carry out more challenging tasks such as long line and human external cargo. In addition to physical aircraft we also have the Free Fly Alta 8 Drone, and DJI Inspire 2 Pro Cinema (X7)  along with cameras, lenses, 10W HD downlink, 3 camera Hammerhead Array and the personnel to get the job done” notes Steven Moth, Director of SITS. “In the past 2 years the volume of work has given us the opportunity to really fine tune the team and our methods. The team will swell to 20-25 personnel on a big production and having these people work with precision within that team  is of the upmost importance to me.”

Since working on the Dunkirk project Spirit in the Sky continues to build momentum in the film industry having undertaken the aerial work on the Jurassic World 2 project, Race 3, Six Minutes to Midnight and most recently the Terminator Reboot. 2019 is looking set for more growth as the company embark on several ambitious projects in the coming 12 months.

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