1958 Max Holste MH1521 Broussard for sale

1958 Max Holste MH1521 Broussard for sale

Type: Military utility aircraft

Price: Reduced to £52,500.00


TTAF: 9160 hrs and 416hrs since o/h

TTSOH: 116 hours

Prop TTSN: 238 hours

Hangared?: Always

Has Cover: N/A




Spirit in the Sky are delighted to present this stunning  Max Holste MH1521 Broussard for sale. The Broussard is a short take off landing aircraft originally built for the French Army as a light utility and aerial artillery observation post. “Broussard” is the French term for “Bushman”. The Broussard was manufactured between 1954 and 1959 and throughout this period 363 airframes were completed by the Max Holste company. This aircraft saw service not only in France but throughout the French Colonies in Africa. It is understood that only 25 Broussard’s remain in flying condition throughout the world today.

This particular aircraft has 9160 hrs TTAF and 416 hrs TSOH airframe. The engine is the 450hp P&W R985 AN4 with only 116 hrs SMOH by Covington. The aircraft is fitted with a Hamilton Standard propeller 2D30237 with only 238 hrs TT. It has just had a new annual inspection in June 2015 with no issues. All forms and AD’s updated. Compressions were tested as follows:
77, 76, 77, 78, 76, 75, 77, 75, 76.

Avionics are standard with the exception of Bendix King KX155/KY96A VHF COMM, Garmin transponder and Bendix King KMA24H audio/intercom panel.

Inside the cabin are 6 seats and the configuration can be easily changed to allow for larger loads in the back. Access is by large double cabin doors on the port side of the aircraft.

The exterior is finished in French Navy livery comprising navy blue fuselage, yellow cowling, spinner and wing tips with white top side.

This aircraft is a very clean, well maintained example of this highly versatile classic. Ready to tour, display or simply…just fly!

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Technical Specification:

Airframe Total Time: 9160hrs & 416hrs SOH
Engine: 116 hrs SMOH by Covington
Prop: 238hrs TT
Prop: Hamilton Standard 2D30237


Bendix King KX155/KY96A VHF COMM
Garmin Mode C Transponder
Bendix King KMA24 Audio Panel
Standard Instruments

Original military instrument panel
6 place seat configuration

Navy Blue French Military livery, yellow tips, spinner and nose cowling. Top side finished in white.
Max Gross Weight 5953 lbs
Empty Weight 3373 lbs
Useful load 1800 lbs
Cruise: 105 knots
Range 650nm


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