Hawker Sea Fury For Sale

Hawker Sea Fury For Sale

Type: Warbird

Price: £590,000.00

VAT: 5% applicable if imported

A/H: 4hrs since complete restoration

E/H: 4 hrs SMOH

P/H: 4 hrs SMOH

Hangared ?: Yes

Has Cover: NA

Paint: Ready to be specified by new owner


Hawker Sea Fury for sale – s/n 37537. Ex Iraqi Fury “254”

A rare opportunity to acquire a newly restored pristine Hawker Sea Fury. Only 4 hours since restoration.

It is understood that 37537 was built as a Hawker Fury FB10 and first flew at Langley UK on the 16.9.1948. This aircraft was one of c55 aircraft that joined the Iraqi Air Force c 4th quarter 1949 as aircraft “254”.  These Iraqi bound Fury’s were coined “Baghdad Fury’s” by Hawker. As these aircraft were for the Air Force they lacked the folding wing mechanism hydraulics (though can be still manually operated), and the arrester gear components.  They were shipped back to the US in 1979 by two Florida based businessmen, Ed Jurist and David Tallichet. It was one of 27 airframes that Ed and David brought back from Iraq and these were stored dismantled in Orlando. The aircraft were caught up in customs for an extended period of time and in the meantime the business that had bought them went bankrupt. They managed to do a deal with an air museum in Coleman, TX and it was this facility that did the initial restoration. The current owner acquired the aircraft in 1994 and has undertaken the restoration since this time. The current configuration is that of an FB Mk 10.

The images here represent the aircraft as it stands having been the subject of a meticulous 24 year restoration by the current owners. The aircraft is not painted as yet, though is ready to be spec’d by the new owner in their own personal scheme.  In addition there is a Bristol Centaurus Engine core available by separate negotiation. This aircraft is currently fitted with a Curtiss Wright 3350. The vendor considers himself too senior in years to contemplate flying this beautiful machine now, hence his decision to sell. Spirit in the Sky are able to sell this aircraft as is/where is or can price inclusive of import to your desired base.


Technical Spec:

  • Curtis Wright 3350-26WD 18 Cylinder Engine s/n C590767. 4hrs SMOH@ Abbot Engines.
  • Allison Aero Product Propellor Model A642 s/n BK 0810. 4 hrs SMOH.
  • Propellor Spinner, Ezell Aviation Composite
  • Starter 24v P/N JH 6ERSR12
  • Jasco 24v Alternator P/N 7555-1
  • Jasco Alt Controller
  • Stromberg Carburettor
  • Engine Driven Fuel Pump, Ceco
  • Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump.
  • Aux Fuel Pump.
  • Pre Oil 24v pump
  • Oil Scavenge 24v pump
  • Oil pressure switch. Engine Hour meter oil pressure activated.
  • Oil Temperature Sender.
  • Cylinder Head temp sender
  • Tachometer
  • Sanders Aviation Technologies 24 volt Aux. Hydraulic Pump system

(Aux for landing gear, flaps, and power assist brakes).

  • Stainless Exhaust system, Tube Technologies inc
  • Ezell Aviation Inc, Conversion Kit for Curtis Wright 3350 Engine Installation:
    • Engine Mount
    • Lord Insulators
    • Nose Cowl Mounts
    • Ring Cowl Mounts
    • Ram horn carb attachment
    • Left Induction trunk
    • Right induction trunk
    • Wing Root Induction Adaptors, left and right
    • Oil Tank
    • Oil Tank Mount Kit
    • Oil tank to engine tube adaptor
    • Oil Cooler (Aluminium/ Temp regulator/bypass)


  • Starting Vibrators p/n CA4181-1 and p/n CA4181-2
  • Main Wheels, brakes, (F102 converted to hydraulic)
  • Main Tyres Goodyear 30×8.8-22ply
  • Tail Wheel McCauley 500×5
  • Tail Tyre Goodyear 500×5-10 ply
  • Main Fuel Tank, Sanders Aviation Flexible
  • Leading Edge Fuel Tank, Sanders Aviation Flexible.
  • Inter Spar Fuel Tanks, Left and Right Hawker Original
  • Two Concorde 24 volt batteries (one active and one aux)
  • Over Voltage relay
  • Ammeter (1/4 Ohm Shunt)
  • Landing Gear Position Indicator lights Hawker Original
  • ASI/Knots Hawker original
  • Altimeter, Sensitive, 30,000ft
  • Manifold Pressure Gauge
  • RPM indicator/3500RPM
  • Rate of climb indicator, 6000ft
  • Cylinder Temp Indicator, Celsius
  • Liquid Compass
  • Triple Gauge, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure
  • Main Fuel Tank Sender, Sky Parts Capacitance, 2 ¼ In, 240 Ohm, 12/24 Volt
  • Main Fuel Tank monitor P/N 2A7
  • Aux Tanks senders and monitors, Hawker Original
  • Shadin Fuel Flow system
  • PM1200 Intercomm System, Pilot-Passenger
  • King Gold Crown Avionics
  • 2 Transmitters/Receivers, KTR905
  • 2 Navigation/ILS receivers, KNR 603
  • 1 DME, KDM 705
  • 1 Transponder/Alt Mode Encoder/KXP755
  • 1 Marker Beacon KMR675
  • Phone Jacks Front and rear seats
  • Sperry HIS systems, C14
  • Antennae:
    2 VHF Comm/Rec

1 Marker Beacon


1 VOR/GLIDE SLOPE (blade type)

1 Transponder (stub type)

  • Dynon EFIS EFIS D-10
  • Pitot Tube/Static Left Wing, Hawker
  • Dynon Pitot Tube/Static, Right Wing
  • Halon Fire Extinguisher System/via Piping on Aft side of Engine
  • Navigation Lights, Left/Right Wings and Tail
  • Passenger seat aft of cockpit
  • Emergency Canopy release pull knob/cable
  • Cockpit Panel Illumination/Dimmer controlled
  • Emergency Hand Hydraulic Pump
  • Emergency Landing Gear Unlock Handle/Cable Linkage
  • Chip detectors: Nose case and main case
  • New tailwheel mount assembly.

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