P51 Mustang Project for sale

P51 Mustang Project for sale

Type: Warbird Project

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Hangared?: NA

Has Cover: N/A



1944 P51 Mustang project for sale. This aircraft was built in 1944 and served with the 357th Fighter Group. It comes with genuine WWII provenance having made  a force landing returning from fighter escort duties over Germany. The current vendor has started the process of restoration (c1500 man hours to date) though his professional commitments do not allow him to spend the amount of time required to bring this aircraft back to flying condition. Hence the sale.

This is not a complete project though does comprise some of the difficult components to source. Included in the sale are many technical drawings to enable the restorer the opportunity to undertake work in line with factory spec.

Just some of the main parts included in this sale are:

Nose to STA75

Prop Governor

New Smile (Air Intake under Prop)

Oil Tank mounting lugs

Firewall (Three sections)

Firewall centre section (requires work though original)

Most brackets on front of Firewall

Firewall to wing fixture

Fuselage STA 75 to 248

Both bottom Longerons to STA 168

One top longeron

Brackets to join longerons to extensions

All brackets to join longerons to frames

4 main wing mounting frames including fixtures to mount wing bolts

Several other vertical frames

Frames under longerons

Rudder Bar Assembly

2 Parking brake compensators

Master Brake cylinder

Station 200 frames and tinware

Most instruments (NOS)

Six fuselage skins ready drilled

Doghouse (most parts)

After Doghouse frame and skins

Scoop almost complete

Scoop jack

Flap jack bar and flap brackets

Channel Assembly

Turtle deck frames

Inside cockpit skins (L and R)

L&R bracket to carry transport tube STA 248

Parker primer

Hydraulic reservoir assembly


Control column

Bellcrank assembly

Valve Assembly – hydraulic system

Hydraulic flap operating strut

Hydraulic Hand pump

Hydraulic wing flap control

Tailcone to STA 248 – 327



4 Stabiliser spars

Brackets to Bolt stabiliser to Fuselage

Hinge assemblies to attach elevators

Elevator spars and brackets to carry frames

Complete STA 248 frame

Some vertical frames

Beaver tail with T/W up lock

Angle Assembly

Tail wheel axle


4 Tailcone skins

Frames on top of beaver tail

Several frames below tail cone spar

Fillet Assemblies L&R


Original wings in three parts.

Telescopic tubes for main U/C

Fuel tank caps

Flap operating strut

Wing flap control

Flap brackets

Wing tip ribs and spars

Aileron brackets

2 sets of disc brakes

Any inspection welcome



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