Ryan ST-A for sale

Ryan ST-A for sale

Type: Trainer

Price: £125,000.00


TTSOH: 114 hours

Hangared?: Always

Located: United Kingdom


Ryan ST-A for sale – Pristine condition. Freddie March Spirit of Aviation winner 2013 @ Goodwood Revival.


Built in San Diego, California at Lindberg Field in 1936.

Serial number 118. (18th aircraft off the production line and the oldest known flying example).

NC14986 is the original NC number that this aeroplane carried when it was delivered to Mr Jacob Schoelkopf in June 1936.

NC14986 also served time with the Ryan School of Aeronautics as tail number ‘13’ and was subsequently used as a basic trainer for the USAAC throughout the second world war at Lindberg Field and at Hemet Field, California.

The aeroplane was restored to ‘zero time’ by the previous owner, Mr ‘Reb’ Stimson of Fort Worth, Texas over a period of 10 years. During this period, the current Menasco D4-87 engine was fitted in place of the original C4 engine. He owned the aircraft for nearly 30 years before selling it to the current owner.

NC14986 was imported into the UK in September 2010 and has been operated from Kemble and Oaksey Park Airfield in Wiltshire. It is currently maintained and operated by The Classic Aeroplane Company Ltd at Oaksey Park, Wiltshire. She is in impeccable condition throughout.

The ST series was designed by T. Claude Ryan (of ‘The Spirit of St Louis’ fame) in 1934, and was originally fitted with a little Menasco 95hp in-line 4-cylinder inverted engine. After only 4 or 5 were built, the engine was replaced by the 125hp Menasco C4 ‘Pirate’ engine which gave it a lot more performance, and it quickly grabbed the attention of such aeronautical luminaries as Tex Rankin. It then became known as the ST-A. Rankin went on to win the International Acrobatic Championships in 1938, and according to folklore, he would dive the aeroplane at speeds of up to 260mph to start some of his manoeuvres, which, if true, proves the point that there were no real structural limitations on the ST-A airframe!

Since the ST-A attracted the so-called ‘sportsman’ pilots of the day, it was only natural that Ryan would go on to produce an uprated model which was simply called the ‘STA Special’. This was fitted with a supercharged version of the Menasco C4 engine known as the C4S ‘Super Pirate’, and rated at 150hp. This gave the aeroplane a top speed of 160 mph, along with aerobatic performance that was hard to match.


Empty Weight 1158 lbs

Useful Load 442 lbs

Max Weight 1600 lbs

Cruise speed 120mph

Stall speed 49mph

Climb 80mph

Approach 80mph

Engine Menasco D4-87 135hp

Seats 2

g limits +10/-10

Fuselage construction Monocoque aluminium.

Wing construction Wood spars, pressed aluminium ribs, fabric covering.

Empennage construction Steel tube, fabric covering.

Propeller Laminated wood, fixed pitch.

TTAF 2789 hrs.
TSMOH 114 hrs
TSPOH – 0 hrs

Annual to June 2018.

Currently registered on the US “N” register located in UK, though can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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Technical Specification:

TSMOH: 2789 hrs

Prop TT: 114  hrs. 0 hrs since overhaul.

Year of manufacture: 1936


Polished Aluminium, grey fabric wings. Red registration detail.


Gross weight: 1575 lbs
Empty Weight 1050 lbs
Cruise Speed: 120 mph
Service Ceiling: 17,500 ft
Endurance: c 2hrs