Waco Cabin for sale

Waco Cabin for sale

Type: Grand Tourer

Price: £55k part restored “as is” or £120,000 complete

VAT: + VAT if applicable

A/H: 896 hours TTSN

E/H: 200hrs SMOH by Sanders

P/H: O hrs

Hangared ?: Of course

Restoration Completion: April 2016

Available “as is” or with contract to complete.


Waco Cabin for sale. This aircraft was manufactured on the 25 May 1932 as a Waco OEC, one of only two sold by the Waco Aircraft Company. It was purchased by Mr H.C Lippiatt in Los Angeles with a Vermillion Red Fuselage, Black stripe and Silver wings. In 1946 the Kinner C5 engine was replaced by the Continental 670. This changed the designation of the aircraft from a Waco OEC to the Waco UEC.

Since 2012 the aircraft has been the subject of an extensive restoration that is due for completion in Q2 of 2016. This aircraft has been stripped back to basics with all work completed according to the original Waco UEC drawing list supported by the Smithsonian Museum and AC43.13-1B, 2B. Fuselage has been the subject of non destructive testing for cracks, sandblasting and epoxy primed. All tanks have been restored and pressure tested. This aircraft is the only UEC to have an additional lower fuel tank (16 Gallons) for extended range/endurance. Wings, and fuselage have been stripped, repaired and recovered with Ceconite 102, and all fabric doped, primed and finished to Silver Poly. Once complete this aircraft will be finished in its original delivery livery of Vermillion, Black stripe and Silver Wings/Tail surfaces.  Interior to be finished in bespoke Ben Whistler designed light leather with walnut wood to give a positively “Bentley” feel in the cabin. Deep pile carpet will add to the feeling of vintage luxury in this stunning vintage touring aircraft. This aircraft is available “as is” (about 60% complete) or complete.

Of course any buyer has the option to finish the aircraft in their own bespoke scheme. The aircraft comes complete with technical drawings and original letters dating back to the 1940’s.


Full Spec:

1932 Waco UEC

Engine: Continental R670 210 hp

Propeller: Sensenich Wooden prop, W98AA-64,  new.

TTSN: 896 hrs

Engine SMOH: 200 hrs (Sanders Airmotive in 2004).

Instrumentation: Original instruments fitted.

Radio: Trig TY91 Transceiver, TC90 controller.

Transponder: Trig TT21 Transponder with TC20 controller

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